Above the Line:

NICKI: (18-24) Attactive, but may have a better body than face. Her parents were killed in a car crash when she was young and she was raised by her crippled Grandfather. She ends up taking care of him. That plus a traumatic rape as a teenager leave her cynical and suffering from low self esteem. She feels like her life is out of control and slides into being a party girl. Attracted by the fast lifestyle, drugs and danger of dating a gang banger, she is on the verge of become a real coke whore when she witnesses her boyfriend kill an undercover drug agent. When one of the two Cops assigned to protect her tries to kill her, only she can save herself. To live she has to kick the drugs, take control of her life and fight back, like she should have during the rape.

JIMMY: (22-28) A Gang Banger since he was eight, Jimmy is an ethnic mutt who has ruthlessly made himself the leader of a mixed group of thugs, punks and psychopaths. The streets are all knows and all he wants. He and his gang are just starting to make a name for themselves. Mean and brutal have always worked for him, it's what he does best, it made him the leader. He and Nicki have the perfect relationship, she likes the fast life and cocaine, he likes having a built babe on his arm.

KEITH: (25ish) Good cop

JASON: (25ish) Bad Cop, he has the world fooled. His blonde Mormon good looks have always let him get away with whatever he wanted, so he became a cop. There isn't a better place for a psychopath to hide, between the badge and his smile he could get away with murder.

KIM: (18-24) Nick's girlfriend

Below the Line:

Arthur: (55-75) Nicki's Crippled Grandfather.

Doughboy: (20's) Jimmy's #1, may be either fat or skinny

Max: (20's) Biggest gang banger and Jimmy's main muscle

Chang: (25ish) Undercover drug agent

Det. Chong: (40ish) Chief of Detectives and Tony and Jasons boss

Lee Wang: (60ish) Old style Tong drug lord and Chinatown mob boss.

Hotel Manager: (50ish) Male or Female landlord and motel clerk

Tommy: (8-10) Young Kid

Last Gang Banger: (20ish) Karate fighter in motelroom



2 - Columbian drug dealers

6 – Cops/Detectives

6 – teenage football team members

6 – gang bangers